About Rigi: Where Passion Meets Purpose

RIGI is a creator first company that is building for the Creator Economy. We help digital creators & influencers to grow, manage and monetise their follower base. Rigi's vision is to enable anyone and everyone to make a successful living doing what they enjoy.


🚀 Crafting Creators’ Toolkit: Dive into Rigi’s Innovations

Rigi's innovative products:

Seamless Monetisation 🪙 Landing Pages That Convert 🖥️ SuperApp: The Ultimate Creator Space📱
At Rigi, we're more than just a platform; we're creators’ gateway to financial freedom. Whether it is hosting exclusive groups, workshops, or courses, we've streamlined the process. We believe creators’ content deserves centre stage. That’s why our landing pages are distraction-free and tailored to amplify their unique brand and offerings. An ecosystem where creators’ content thrives, fans engage, and earnings skyrocket. Our white-labelled app solution brings this vision to life, ensuring creators’ audience stays connected and engaged.

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Pioneers of Creator Economy👑 Innovative Work Environment💡 Grow with Rigi 🌱 Collaborative Spirit👥
We're at the forefront of the creator economy, developing innovative tools and platforms that set the gold standard in creator monetisation and community building. Our teams are constantly innovating, challenging the status quo, and thinking outside the box. By joining Rigi, you're signing up for a dynamic work environment where no two days are the same. We're committed to the professional growth of our employees. Regular training sessions, workshops, and peer learning ensure you're always expanding your skill set and knowledge. Our success is built on collaboration. At Rigi, you’ll work in cross-functional teams, ensuring a holistic approach to solving challenges and leveraging diverse perspectives.

🏛️ Culture at RIGI

✍️ Few ideals which we aspire:



Founders' Chronicles:

“Our journey began in 2009 amidst the vibrant atmosphere of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus. There, a friendship was forged that would later evolve into collaborative innovation.

Our early days saw the launch of HalaPlay, a gaming platform that resonated with millions. By December 2020, our first venture found a new home with Nazara Technologies and Delta Corp.

Designed to intensify the connection between sports enthusiasts and their favorite games, HalaPlay reached impressive milestones: